A grapevine and a wine

Pecorino wine was first cultivated in central Italy in the little village of Arquata in the Piceno region. Today, it is a truly international wine. It is an extremely elegant and intense wine with the surprising ability to age and refine continuously for years.

The best Pecorino wines, thanks to their marked acidity, which is typical of these grapes, and to their intense minerality, can age for several decades, the same as great red wines. This characteristic can be said of very few other white wines, among which is the well-known Riesling. Pecorino wine is usually made with 100% single-variety grapes of the same name. However, the production guidelines of DOC and of DOCG wines admit small percentages of other white-berry non-aromatic vine varieties, which are ideally cultivated in the Marche region.

It is an elaborate and complex wine to be enjoyed with the same types of dish. Pecorino wine is golden yellow with slightly greenish reflections, of great intensity and brightness, perfectly clear and consistent. The first intense scents perceived are of balsamic notes of aromatic herbs, eucalyptus and field balm, followed by ripe yellow peach and bergamot citrus fruits and minerality. The taste is intense and unyieldingly lasting. Freshness and flavour blend to create a balance with the strong yet essential alcoholic content. The final taste and the final retronasal perception are long-lasting with hints of citrus fruits and fresh sage.